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Title : Bookmark



Release: 2018-10-26

Runtime: 118 Minutes

Year: 2018

Genre: Drama



Language: 日本語

Castname: Takahiro Miura, Shinnosuke Abe, Sei Shiraishi, Reina Ikehata, Kou Maehara, Kaori Ikeda, Seizô Fukumoto, Shingo Tsurumi, Ryo Sato

Crewname: Yusuke Sakakibara, Yusuke Sakakibara, Yasunori Matake


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From Movie Maniac and Reviewer of D0WNL0AD Bookmark [4.K. U.L.T.R.A. H.D.]

Milton Bridges

This movie is excellent from starting to end. The tune and also score selections brings this flick to discover of feeling from all the performances. An outrageous thoughtful as well as imaginative film filled with shown and also thriller that will leave you in a state of being apart of you. A Peaceful Location is among those excellent films and also when you leave this flick there is no informing how much this film will certainly take you. I am in love with this flick so freaking a lot.

Madeline Klein

This movie is pure sparkle from its chilly opening to a heart warming ending that brings a much required release of a mix of horror and stress to something is similarly captivating and heartfelt. This movie absolutely outstanding motion picture of not just craftsmanship yet additionally something filmmakers can't do and that is telling a story through almost total silence. Excellent flick.

Domingo Osborne

This is the best movie of all time as well as this is my favored movie ever before. The method very well fired and video camera work that is remarkable to watch. It is a fantastic movie that has so much personality deepness with these amazing characters and so much heart. It is a great movie.

Casey Reid

Bookmark was an appealing and very enjoyable flick which held my focus throughout the entire film. The storyline moved well, the performing was credible and the cinimatography was pleasing. I would extremely reccomend this attribute for any individual.

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